Breaking Ground For New Showroom In Providence - 2017

by Dick Shappy

With over sixty vintage cars and sixty antique motorcycles in our growing inventory, we have decided that we need more space to store and display these vehicles.

Breaking Ground at 365 Charles Street, Providence, RI 02904
Exposed trench where footing and foundation will be poured.

One really can't appreciate the beauty and design of a rare car or motorcycle if it is boxed in with other items parked only inches away. It is also not practical to do body work and repairs in close proximity to finished or restored cars. The space where these vehicles are displayed must be dust free and properly lighted.

Breaking Ground at 365 Charles Street, Providence, RI 02904
Showroom will be 92 feet wide and 52 feet deep.

After months of planning and wading through the building codes and other red tape, we were able to secure the permits necessary to meet our goal in order to proceed with construction of a new 92' by 50' showroom. The foundation pit has been dug and the cement will be poured on July 24th. I am very happy to see construction begin and I will be even happier when construction is completed. These photos show our current stage of work. I am being told that work should progress at a much faster pace from here on.

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