Three Beautiful Toys

by Dick Shappy

May 31, 2020
Three Duesenbergs on Shappy residence lawn
Three Duesenbergs on my lawn

Photo: Tracey McDermott

What does one do on a beautiful sunny day while isolated at home during a pandemic? I didn’t have to think too long last week as I had just finished a seven year project on my 1918 Revere Duesen­berg Long Tail Racer and a one year touch up of my newest J, a 1929 convertible coupe J-268. I said to myself, "How bad can things be?" I am so fortunate to posses four Duesen­bergs (three shown) and many other beautiful American cars and early motorcycles and I have a beautiful residence where I can display and enjoy them, so, why not go for it.

Three Duesen­bergs on Shappy residence lawn
Red, white, and green below the red, white, and blue

Photo: Tracey McDermott

Shown from left to right on beautiful Narragansett Bay in Warwick, Rhode Island are the 1929 Duesen­berg J-268 Convertible Coupe, 1918 Revere Duesen­berg Long Tail with "Walking Beam” engine, and the 1934 Duesen­berg J-505 by Derham.

Having these beautiful "toys” available to enjoy during this bad time makes me appreciate just how lucky I am.

God Bless America !!

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