1934 Duesenberg J-505 Convertible Sedan, Body by Derham Won Best in Show

71st annual joint meet of the HCCA/AACA in Redding, Connecticut, October 23, 2022

by Dick Shappy

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Shenton King of Fairfield, Conn­ecticut and was invited to the 71st annual joint meet of the Fairfield County Region Horseless Carriage Club of America and the Antique Automobile Club of America to be held in Redding, Conn­ecticut at the residence of Dick King, Shenton's father, on Sunday, October 23rd.

1934 Duesenberg J-505 Convertible Sedan, Body by Derham Won 'Best in Show'
1934 Duesenberg J-505 Convertible Sedan, Body by Derham Won 'Best in Show'
I was honored to be invited to this prestigious event so I reached out to my good friend, John Lopes, and asked if he would like to accompany me. The weather forecast for Sunday looked grim as rain was predicted for most of the day. On Saturday, the 22nd, John and I loaded my 1934 Duesen­berg convertible sedan with roll up windows into the trailer and secured the car for the three hour ride to Redding. The three hour ride turned into a three and a half hour ride when we found that commercial vehicles and trailers are not allowed on the Merritt Parkway.

Shenton King presenting the Best In Show award to Dick Shappy
Shenton King presenting the 'Best In Show' award to Dick Shappy
As we entered the show field, I was greeted by Shenton and was directed to the front of the show field where the car was afforded top viewing status. The show field was different from many shows that are held today as the cars were all pre-war and handpicked by special invitation.

Best In Show award
Best In Show award
It was great to be in such exclusive company with early brass and steam cars and early classic era cars as well. It was a real pleasure to see so many old friends and their old cars at what we will consider to be the last show of the year for this area. I was totally surprised to receive the Best in Show trophy for my 1934 Duesen­berg convertible sedan. It was a wonderful day and an amazing show and I will add that the rain actually held off until minutes after the final awards were presented.

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