1911 Pierce 4 Cylinder

Inventory Number: 5083


In Line 4 cylinder 688 CC produced in Buffalo, New York

The in-line 4's power reached the rear wheel by way of a direct drive shaft and friction disc clutch. Percy Pierce, the son of company founder George N. Pierce, enjoyed riding a four cylinder Fabrique Nationale (FN) while vacationing in Europe so much that he brought one home and copied its design and produced the first in- line 4 in Amer­ica. The engine is mounted in a 3 1/2 inch tubular frame with an internal gas tank and oil tank. These in-line 4s were capable of reaching speeds of over sixty miles per hour. Each example was hand built and was very expensive while using the finest quality of components. The company soon learned that it was losing approximately four hundred dollars on each unit produced so the price was raised. This made them less appealing to the public which led to the demise of Motor­cycle production in 1914. Due to the high cost and low production, only a few "real" examples survive today. This example was discovered for sale in Argentina and was recently restored to perfection.
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