1913 Henderson 4

Inventory Number: 5046


Built in Detroit, Michigan from 1912 to 1931.

The four cylinder model has a displacement of 965 CC and is rated at 7HP.

Remarkable 65” wheelbase and a weight of 310 pounds.

Model year 1913 was not only the second year of production for Henderson, but also the first year for the new “square tank” look after the first-year torpedo tank models. The chassis remained very long though, which provided much-needed stability for the terrible roads of the day and it proved good enough to be the first motorcycle to circle the globe in 1912-13 under Carl Stearns Clancy.

William Henderson had been obsessed with the idea of building a motorcycle since he was a child. His father was the vice president of the Winton Motor Carriage Company, and Alexander Winton, founder of Winton Motors, was William’s grandfather.
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