1915 Flying Merkel V-Twin

Inventory Number: 5030


Orig­inal paint,V-Twin engine, tank shift manual gearbox, famous Merkel "Mono Shock" suspension, logo footboards, rear package rack with lockable tool box, girder style front fork suspension, acetylene tank with headlight.

Merkel Motor­cycles were produced from 1902 to 1916. The Merkel Motor­cycle Company first opened its doors in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1902 when Joseph Merkel started building single cylinder Motor­cycles in a burgeoning market. He was an avid innovator pioneering many inventions that would become adopted by Motor­cycle builders all over the world. A spring front fork that would be the forerunner to today's telescopic setups, a mono shock suspension, the use of ball bearings rather than bronze bushings, cam actuated intake valves, and various other items that Indian and Harley would later utilize. Merkel was ahead of his time.

In 1911 Merkel changed hands and was purchased by the Miami Cycle Manufacturing Company Of Middletown, Ohio where the V-twin grew to a 61 cubic inch and 9 horsepower engine. The example presented here is one of those -- Merkel's finest.
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