1922 Roamer Model 475-E Touring

Inventory Number: 3056


  • Roamer "Amer­ica's smartest car"
  • 7 HP
  • 78 HP
  • 128 inch wheelbase

Roamer Automobile Co 1917 to 1929.

The Roamer Automobile Company was founded in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1917 as a collaboration between Cloyd Kenworthy, a New York distributor of Rauch and Lang electric cars, and Albert Barley who built the Halladay automobile in Streator, Illinois. Roamer automobiles were of very high quality and were very expensive and were offered to the prospective buyer with the option of two different engines — the six cylinder 303 cubic inch L-head Continental or the more expensive 75 horsepower Rochester Duesen­berg "Walking Beam". This model sold for $5400.00 and only a select few remain in existence today. A Roamer Duesen­berg driven by chief engineer L.F. Godspeed and Eddy Herne set six records for one kilometer and five mile sprints at Daytona Beach in 1921. The advertisements that followed stated that "Amer­ica's smartest car makes Amer­ica's fastest mile".
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